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I'm a theater critic and magazine editor based in New York City. Since August, 2000, I've reviewed and reported for Time Out New York. As a freelancer, I've written for The New York Times, The New York Sun, Opera News and Maxim. I'm a member of the New York Drama Critics Circle, and I appear as a contributing critic on NY1’s On Stage. In October 2005, Hyperion published my first book, Wicked: The Grimmerie, a lavishly illustrated tome about the Broadway hit Wicked. From 1996-98, I founded and edited a ’zine called OFF: A Journal for Alternative Theater. It focused on the independent, Off-Off scene. Around the same time I also edited FringeNYC Propaganda, the daily newspaper of the New York International Fringe Festival, from 1997 to '99. In a past life, I was an actor, performing in downtown, avant-garde works by Richard Foreman (Pearls for Pigs, 1997), Richard Maxwell (Cowboys & Indians, 1999) and many others. B.A. Bard College, 1992. Raised in Gilmanton, NH—pop. 2200, the inspiration for Peyton Place and stomping grounds of America's first serial killer, Herman Mudgett (Devil in the White City).


Theater, literature, new music, hoppy beer, travel, repressed memory, science fiction, sonic installation art, atheism, elitism, tribalism, racial identity, spit takes, misanthropy, malthusianism, personality disintegration, Elizabethan dress and architecture, historicity, blasphemy, alternative historical fiction, literalism, Indian food, adoption, ghosts and the pastoral mode.