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August 28, 2006


George Hunka

Welcome to the 'sphere, David. Good to see another print person make the leap to the 21st century.


Word up, Cote. May you live for a thousand years.

Alison Croggon

Welcome, David - in the virtual geography of the web, you realise Melbourne is next door to New York! Looking forward to reading you.


Cote, you hack. What the hell do you know about theater? You have questionable taste and are a poor dresser to boot. Can't wait to see you stir up the theatrical pot, boiling and toiling and causing trouble.

Joshua James

Welcome to the cage match that is theatre blogging!

Ian W. Hill

Good to see you here, too, David. Fun, fun, fun.


Welcome to Blogotopia, Mr. Cote! The residents of perma-2003 are glad to have you as a neighbor.

Lucas Krech

Hello. I look forward to reading you here.


Ah, I remember those halcyon unpaid days of Off. Godspeed you, David. XX

Ivan Bellman

yo Mr.Coté~
ur entry into the blogosphere evokes many a mammary. i live right near the Pakistani Tea House which I first went to with urself, Nohglevee, Bronz & Yahooda "Don Juan" Drengas. can’t tell you how many times I’ve been there since.
then there was a post-9-11 email exchange with you in which i found great solace . . .
me myself, i'm just on my way out of cultureslut. i have finished my NEA/TCG thingy and i am going to film school in SE Asia. guess i am on the other end of the revolving blog-o-door.
so welcome to the height of theater faggery . . . or the bottom as the case may be . . . to quote Tennessee Williams, "It depends on who's riding the bike, dad."
much love~
ivan bellman


Welcome aboard, Mr. Cote.
I look forward to the development of your blog over the weeks, months, years to come. I very much enjoy your reviews, both in TONY and on NY1's "On Stage." You have a sharp intellect, and your advocacy for truly-challenging theatre is welcome in an atmosphere where even educated critics with enviable positions at media behemoths (we can all guess who) insist on belittling those theatre artists who want to hold a mirror up to the cold, hard facts of our cuurent socio-political condition.
Good luck, and get to work!

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