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September 16, 2006


Woody Woodson

"the Public Theater had an exchange program with the Court; each theater brought over the other's best new shows. Why don't we still have that!?"

Isn't the answer obvious? Because WE HAVE NO GOOD NEW SHOWS and it would be like trading a vintage Mickey Mantle for a Cabbage Patch Kid Card. sigh.

David Cote

Of course we have good new plays. I just saw THE PAIN AND THE ITCH at Playwrights Horizons and yes, it comes from Chicago, but it is getting a NYC production pretty soon after its premiere there. We should be producing Chris Shinn's plays first, THEN exporting them to the UK, instead of the other way around. Anne Washburn ought to be produced in London. Will Eno is already regularly produced there. The point is, there's a failure on the part of nonprofit presenters here to nurture and present the considerable talent that is right in our own backyard.

David Cote

I must add to that comment, which I posted a little too early. Not only can our nonprofit orgs ensure that they get the world premiere of every page that pops out of Chris Shinn's printer (plus every page from 10 other writers I can give you), they should be actively branding--yes, branding--names like Public Theater, Playwrights Horizons, Lincoln Center Theater, etc.--over in Old Blighty. Last August I went to London knowing that I HAD to visit the National, the Royal Court, Shunt Vaults, Donmar Warehouse and the Almeida. I sincerely doubt our English counterparts have a similar shopping list when they come over here. Am I saying that our nonprofit theaters are the equal of the English aforementioned? Not really, but it does no one any good to just dump all over our vital native culture. We need to steal their ideas and study their moves.

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