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October 03, 2006



Bani Babilla is amazing! I worked with him on Reza Abdoh's sprawling epic "Father was a Peculiar Man" while I was still in school. He played one of the brothers from "The Brothers Karamozov" (Hell's if I can't remember which brother) and he was so vivid and great, like a more impassioned Steven Berkoff. I had absolutely no money, was living off candy bars and laughing cow cheeses that I shoplifted from delis. Bani noticed this and let me share his dinner while he told me great stories about Persia and theater and all sorts of things.

David Cote

Hi Juliana! Congratulations on your funny/gutwrenching performance in "Songs of the Dragons Flying to Heaven." Yeah, Bani also told tales of Reza and that ambitious production, with all its technical gaffes and logistical nightmares. I was up at college at Bard at the time, and still kick myself for not getting down to see it. (Not to mention two Abdoh shows when I actually WAS living in NYC). That's for a later post, "10 Shows I Deeply Regret Having Missed." Anyway, thanks for visiting. More on Bani in future weeks.


Thank you for your very kind words re: DRAGONS! I feel very, very lucky to be working on it! re: FATHER WAS A PECULIAR MAN - did Bani tell you about how the production also disrupted the workplace of about 20 transvestite prostitutes? They were all very gracious about it!
I just learned from Reza's longtime videographer Adam Soch that all the videos of the Reza's work have finally been transferred to DVD, which are available for purchase for not-too-much $ (though I believe there's a minimum order of 10.) If anyone is interested in this, please feel free to email me and I will send on the information.

David Cote

I don't remember Bani talking about the trannies but he told me about an insane 5-hour dress rehearsal, with some flooding? It's all a blur. Thanks for the tip about getting DVDs. I will be in touch about that.

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