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October 11, 2006



Caroline or Change, which I saw at The Public, was magnificent (I thought, anyway). I think Kushner is rated. He's neither over- or under-. I think Caroline itself is under-rated. Kushner is widely viewed as a deeply flawed, messy genius, and that seems about right.

it is a dream of mine to stage his deeply flawed, messy work of genius HYDRIOTAPHIA here in New York, where it has not been done since its first production when Kushner was in grad school...

Jason Grote

I feel compelled to see WRESTLING WITH ANGELS because people keep telling me I'm in it.

Ditto re. CAROLINE, though I wonder whether part of the problem might be the size of the house. I got to see a rehearsal of it at the Public when I was in grad school and I actually cried through a lot of it, but when I saw it on Broadway I felt distanced from it. But then again, I was way up in the balcony.

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