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November 15, 2006



Well, they already did a two-parter about Queen Elizabeth.

I'm honestly a little bit bored with the period (esp. on screen). I think, however, if someone wanted to do a show that focused on the undercover religious wars between Catholics and the Crown during Elizabeth's lifetime, that'd be pretty kick ass.

David Cote

I never get bored with the period. The explosion of language, culture, mercantilism, shifting world view from a punitive medievalism to the early glimmers of rational humanism... Just give me a ruff and a tankard of brown bastard and I'm in heaven. I'd love to see HBO do a series with the Globe featured prominently, but taking place at court, in country, etc. Yes, religious persecution, plots and counterplots but also plague, famine, whimsy comedy and Shakespeare. Elizabethan England (yes, as the two-part HBO movie showed) had more in common with Afghanistan circa 2000 than the Merrie Olde Englande of most cheesy movies.

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