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December 13, 2006



Hey David,

Tried to post this earlier and it didn't work. A question: do you see Daniel Sullivan's addition as a positive development too or is it simply the (Temporary) removal of Meadow that you embrace? I ask because, to me, Sullivan as a director is symbolic of all the problems you have with Meadow's tenure as AD.

David Cote

I don't know anything about Sullivan as an administrator, someone who can lead & inspire a staff and talk to the press and plan an exciting season. As a director, yes, he helmed Rabbit Hole, which epitomized for me the problems with MTC. And he's kind of the ultimate naturalistic director, part traffic cop, part actor coddler, part non-intrusive storyteller. But he did direct Stuff Happens. And naturalism isn't evil, even if it is deeply problematic default mode for most theater. I'm not going to speculate on what Sullivan's appointment means. And for all my snarkiness, I do sincerely hope that Meadow takes the time to recharge her batteries and rediscover the American theater.

Moxie the Maven

As far as MTC is concerned, and from what Lynne Meadow has been saying, it very much is a "real" sabbatical, and not a gentle retirement or slow fade out or what have you.

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