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March 09, 2007



Thanks for your review of the Oresteia--I agree, it was great, and I saw it after vowing never to see another. I have seen The Greeks in various incarnations over thirteen times in my career--they're like some kind of friendship loyalty test among actors--and never once been anything but deadly bored--one time I even made an entire pack of cards out of two programs and played solitaire (I'm not proud of it). I don't understand why people are so committed to doing the tragedies, but no one ever does the comedies. My first professional show was a production of Lysistrata, and the audience loved it. The Greek tragedies are like the most sordid of reality TV--it should be impossible to tear your eyes away.

Never have I seen a company accomplish this until now. Thanks for mentioning it, it's really quite a feat.

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