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April 11, 2007



Any way to hear the radio broadcast if we can't listen at 2? Podcast or somesuch?

Robert Paterson

Wow... 8K for a shirt? That's pretty depressing, especially knowing how little the musicians are getting paid in this show and others around the city (comparitively speaking, of course). Many high-quality new music concerts in NYC are produced for that amount. I hope this show crashes and burns and the producers choke on the audience's collective vomit.


WNYC archives its programs so you should be able to hear it online tonight or tomorrow. Of course, if you're on a computer at 2, you can just listen to the live streaming.


I believe that the show needs to be well rounded and attempting to cut corners anywhere can be devistating. Pay the actors what they are worth and find a costume company that will profit share with you when the show is a hit if you cant afford it. You dont need to be rich to have the best. Partner with the companies that have what you need give them a peice of the profit and believe me it will become a large success. Or pay the actors less and give them a peice of the profit when it is a success. Its is amazing how well people stive for excellence when they are getting a peice of it. Thank you for letting me post in this page! I wish you all the best!

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