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April 04, 2007



David - just stumbled upon your blog and I'm so pleased. I really enjoy your reviews in Time Out, even if I get them here in Florida a week after you folks. Bravo, David.

Off-Off Blogway

"Marketing departments have offered drama bloggers free seats to write about hipster-skewing plays such as Pig Farm and Dying City. Mind you, theaters don’t demand positive write-ups; they just want the cool-kid buzz. Blogs to trust: George Hunka’s Superfluities, Isaac Butler’s Parabasis and Jaime’s Surplus."

David...people who are given free tickets to write about shows are called theater critics, not bloggers. I can't speak for anyone else, but I pay for every show I see...


Ludlow Lad: Marketing depts and press reps routinely distribute comps to industry folks: artistic directors, agents, actors and critics and many others. Some bloggers are now considered part of the media/buzzmachine. As far as I know, they're as unbiased and reliable as most critics and yourself. Now, if marketing depts had their act together, they'd set up shill blogs to artificially create buzz. It's no sin to accept free tickets in exchange for your honest thoughts, just as it's no virtue to pay for them. Personally, I couldn't afford it.

Off-Off Blogway

The point of my post was to go on record as not accepting free tickets to shows I write about on OFF-OFF BLOGWAY. As TONY issued a warning to beware blogs that weren't on their white list of blogs to trust, I felt I should speak up, not being on the list.

We disagree about buying theater tickets not being a virtue. I support theater by buying tickets. I think that is a virtue. And I think by buying tickets to the shows I write about I can remain independent.

Patrick Lee

I wanted to speak up also, as I write a successful blog that also wasn't on the TONY "to trust" list, I've very happily accepted invites and comps when offered and many times I am greeted and given a presskit; I find no more conflict of interest in that than a traditional critic would. My blog is specific, as it isn't buzz, news commentary, gossip or debate. It's simply concise criticism in a single paragraph. There are an increasing number of blogs, many well worth reading, which also offer only criticism.

But the TONY list includes not a single criticism-only theatre blog. Does that reveal, as I suspect it may, a definition of theatre blogging that excludes them?


Great stuff in the preview, but I was surprised by the sexism in a couple of the items. Can't we talk about theater without presumimng a male spectator ogling women who regarded as on the earth for the entertainment/pleasure of men? Grow up, guys.

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