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May 17, 2007



Puppets? I'm there.

David Cote

Well, to be precise, toy-theater-type puppets. small human figurines (like small army figures) manipulated and placed in unexpected locations. I might have my terminology wrong...

Alison Croggon

It's not puppets as such. (I saw these guys at the Comedy Festival in Melbourne last month, they're getting around). There's a fair bit of that kind of theatre here: it makes a kind of fetish out of objects and uses them ingeniously as theatrical devices, doing all sorts of things with scale, perspective etc. It can be very witty. OK, it sounds like puppets, it even uses some of the techniques of puppetry, but it isn't quite. The soundscape on this show is amazing, btw.


Sorry about the quick read on Histriomastix. But I did try my best to make a good story out of it. “Predictably twisted.” I assume you mean that as a compliment.

You’re cool, fool, with me. You always have been.

Peace be with you, young skywalker.


Ah, yes, it wasn't puppets. But it was still wonderful. Something similar in spirit to puppetry, though. I really loved it.

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