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May 24, 2007


Joshua James

My best friend Ato, at, set his up using itools, which one can learn on the apple sites . . . I don't know how to do it, myself, but he said it was scary easy . . .


Sandvox from Karelia has cool designs (my personal site,, was made with sandvox), but it crashes a lot. RapidWeaver (which I used to build my company's site, is really easy to use, but the designs are super basic.


I built mine myself (...obviously) using NVU. It's free and truly WYSIWYG. Almost beginner-level. Knowing you, you could geek around with it for three hours some night and be up and running by the end of it.

Ken Urban

Sheila Callaghan designed my site and I can't say enough good things about what she did. She was very affordable and it looks great.

Colin Young

I'm a mixed bag - having been involved with the design of the Reverie site, completely designed my own site ( with Namo Web Editor, and used the web-based templates and sofware provided by our host (IxWebhosting) for our rental house (, to some success. I like the web host software for a site that we update on a regular basis, b/c the updating process is easy, although it's not quite so flexible with design elements.

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