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May 14, 2007


Alison Croggon

No! No! Not more documentary! SF works because it's one place where the imagination runs riot and you can get those true shocks of recognition (allegory really isn't the key). How many documentary theatre pieces can really rival the impact of the real thing? The Investigation is one of the few I can think of. Mostly it's kind of worthy leftwing presentation of a good news feature. Give me Phillip K Dick any day.


Point well taken, Alison. Fantasy and SF are superior synapse-sparkers in some ways. But you have to admire the brio of a theater company organizing and presenting evidence of war crimes against a sitting leader. If for no other reason than symbolism, I sincerely wish someone in my theater community would do the same. Theatrical engagement with the politics of the day in an explicit and yes, perhaps pedestrian manner, is a healthy sign of theater's rootedness in the here and now. Wild flights of allegorical, symbolic fancy are indicators of its freedom from the same. I guess my point might have been: We should strive for a balance betwen the two.

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