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June 07, 2007



Congratulations on the Salon article David--it's great to see your work in a longer format.

One question: why no mention of Dying City?

David Cote

Thanks Mark! The emphasis of the article was on Broadway, but you're right, that was an oversight. I was trying to juggle several balls, Dying City was on my many lists and notes, but somehow never made it into the final text. I also overlooked Caryl Churchill when I name-checked Brit political playwrights. I also omitted mentioning the Rachel Corrie affair, and Walter A. Davis' fascinating polemic inspired by it, Art and Politics but that was a conscious choice, since I didn't feel like I had the space and still haven't fully processed Davis' book. This article was part survey, part analysis, a tricky balance.

I do regret the Dying City omission, though.


Cool. I don't know if this would be OK with Salon (maybe they "own" the piece now), but it would be cool to see an even longer version of this piece at some point with the additions you mention.

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Thanks for the link, it's worth seeing. Political theater really take a new step these days. I just can't believe art and science can be combined.


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