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October 05, 2007



I remember Critical Theory class in college and being taught that there is no avoiding the political and that every action, every choice we make is inherently political. I see your point about wanting people to work out the problems of our time onstage in front of us, but I think that will lead to the bad political drama you say we are lacking. I would venture to say that all drama is political and whether a playwright chooses to address current or continuing global or local topics is itself political. All dramas are political in the sense that they reflect just how disinterested most americans (and most self-described artists) have become in this day and age. This raises the question of why did they write this at all, and generally it doesn't have to do with raising awareness or anything other than their own individual profile.

But I agree. I would like to see more theater of ideas that is not just inherently political, but wholly political in its discourse. Where better to argue ideas and work out the world's problems than on a New York stage?

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