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February 29, 2008


Ian Mackenzie

Where is our beloved Histriomastix is this restless sea of theatre blogs? What is his opinion on the value of theatre? On Mamet's essay in The Village Voice? On the relevance of the word "community"?

David Cote

I wish I had an opinion on those things. I mean, I suppose I could work up an opinion, but I have a very busy schedule these days. Besides reviewing and tons of freelance, I'm actually working on a play. So I don't have much time left over. Plus, I'm beginning to suspect I'm not hysterical, defensive, pretentious, mouthy, kneejerk, chin-stroking, or sanctimonious enough to be a good theater blogger.

Ian Mackenzie

I see. But listen, if you're ever feeling particularly hysterical, defensive, pretentious, mouthy, kneejerk, chin-stroking, or sanctimonious, why not walk on over to blogs and have it out with whoever is saying the first idiotic thing you come across? With all due respect to my colleagues, you won't have to search long.

Hope the play is going well.

David Cote

I've had fights with bloggers before and no one wins. I'd rather lurk and ogle (blogle?). And rethink the purpose of this blog.


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